DSLAM Regenerator

DSLAM Regenerator DSLAM Regenerator Connection Diagram

The DSLAM Regenerator is capable supplying service via 4 universal subscriber ports (POTS + ADSL/2/2+) with an extended operating distance. The product extends the standard ADSL signal - between CO and CPE - up to 23K Ft. using only the existing copper cables and can take an additional pair for managing and powering the unit.

Targeted applications:

Covering extra long distances with ADSL service in rural areas where other alternatives are not economical due to low density of population. It is possible to double the standard ADSL coverage from the CO. POTS service is also supported via bypass.

IPTV service for customers living outside of the IPTV bandwidth coverage (over 10K Ft.); it is possible to extend the required 8-10 Mbps data stream up to 15-20K Ft. In city areas this doubled distance from the CO could mean 4 times more potential household connections.

Systems structure:

As it can be seen on the following‘graphical plan’ the ADSL Regenerator platform consists of a rack-type Remote Power Unit Card (RPU) located at the telephone exchange or at the street cabinet and the DSLAM Regenerator itself housed in outdoor box and installed along the required copper link. The remote power is connected on an additional pair. This extra line is for providing the supervision / monitoring optionfor the device, too.

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